I'm like a Swiss Army knife, working in home product, personal accessory, packaging, environmental, and graphic design. I love making things and spaces that make people happy.

My love of design began as a kid, spending summers at auctions and estate sales with my antique collector parents.

After studying Journalism at Northwestern and Graphic Design at Pratt, I took a position at Jonathan Adler that forever changed my career. I quickly found I loved designing products - including lighting, textiles, tabletop decor and hard home accessories, packaging, socks, scarves, and more. I also found I loved curating the spaces these products occupy.

I design and develop wide-ranging products both directly with vendors and through licensed partnerships. I manage projects from start to finish: seasonal theme and design concept, vendor sourcing, merchandising strategy, design execution, sample review and price negotiation, and delivery.

A lifelong nature nerd, in 2016, I began sourcing and styling plants for private clients and pop-up events.

If you see something you like, let's chat.


Say hello: liz@lizkorutz.com